May 28, 2010

Fresher Interview Learnings (Software Developer)

Am being a fresher searching IT development job for nearly an year :( , I thought sharing my learning with others may help them to get their first job soon.

Caution : Since am from India, Some details would be country-specific.

  • Practice with Apptitude, logical & Gramatical questions.
  • Learn a language by side( Java or .NET or PHP ), Since this would give added advantage than C or C++.
  • If job search has more focus on programming - it would help to practice problems at Topcoder , Codechef ,
  • expressing the thoughts easily.
  • Beware of Gramatical mistakes.
  • great vocabulary and high fluency - not required
  • pH Test - Some Big companies recruit with this score. (really tough !)
  • Ranksheet - Free online certifications. 
  • Paid test alternatives would be Brainbench, SCJP (Java), MCP etc.
  • Create profiles in Job Search Engines like Naukri, Monster etc.
  • Keep profile 100 % complete and update every single day 
  • Include blog, LinkedIn profile in Resume.

Opportunity may come on a day but qualities to win that can't. So only the long term continuous preparation brings success.

Feel free to comment, So that contents can be improved.

Wish you all success..

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