Sep 10, 2012

Evernote Vs Catch

I have been experimenting with note taking applications for 6 months , this blog details pros and cons of couple of them.


Focus to create & edit Lengthy Note for long time

  • Managing large content is awesome due to formatting options
  • Deleted notes still remains in Evernote Thrash
  • Maintains history of a note ( pro users only )
  • Folder & Tag are there to help when you need it.
  • Flow of note creation or Editing requires a number of clicks (Can't be done through shortcuts)
  • Not so intutive interface ( as compared to Catch ) 

Focus on fast addition of Short notes (not Long notes) instantly

  • Add new note on the Go
  • Auto-Save on Editing
  • Cool & Simple Drop on Click interface
  • Creating new Note is like breeze
  • Unable to organise & Use long run data (absence of formatting options)
  • Attachment of files never used since I would use Dropbox
  • Sharing feature never used as Google Docs is much more effective

My Usage: I use Catch to add note on the go & Evernote to maintain long-time organised data.

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