Apr 8, 2012

Readability Vs Instapaper

For some time have been looking for good Reading list product. Here are my experiences with the both.

  •  Text View rendering is a bit simple to configure & advanced ( compared to Instapaper )
  • Official Mobile App and Addons are cool
  •  Amazing kindle support
  • Unavailability of lot of options in Extensions and Mobile Apps ( as Readability is relatively new service compared to Instapaper )
  • Date added of articles is not available
  • Any amount ( Optional ) of which 70 % would go to ContentProviders


  • Artistic Look and Feel
  • Folder-wise organisation of articles
  • Option to add summary to article
  • Though lot of Chrome Extensions are available, felt hard to find good some.
  • Kindle support seem to need improvement
  • 1$ per Month ( Optional )

Extensions I found useful:

My Usage : Apart from monetization differences, Instapaper can be seen as a place to organise Links compared to Readability which is more of makes Webpages readable.

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Extra links:

(Thanks to twalling for help)

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