Jul 8, 2012

Javascript - Simple Adventure

Purpose of App: Page to test a person's Awareness based on simple math test

Demo Link 

Current Worked task:
  1. adding history of test scores to the tests with Local Storage
  2. Smoothing the general usage


  • localstorage in/outs
  • inputbox placeholder

Core Javascript
  • for..in Vs for iteration - the effect of prototype objects
  • hasOwnProperty

  • Tabular CSS properties

  • modular approach to solve problem

Future Tasks:
  • Aesthetics smoothness
  • Best Usable Browser addition
  • DB data fetching

The Old Age

An old man bought some eatables on a shop nearby my home, I noticed following characteristics
  • He walked very slow nearly 4 times slower than an average person
  • On the way his slipper got out of his leg, he struggled nearly 5 mins to get it to posistion
  • He had a hand stick which he used to balance himself, though shaked his balance a lot of times

My learnings:
  1. Well powered Youngness is limited, so use it well
  2. surviving old age is quite hard, needs good preparation
  3. These Old age people need all possible help from others

Use youngness well planned & be prepared for the old age :)

Jul 2, 2012

Java : final,Synchronisation,ConcurrentModification

Following are some of the Java's little surprising things (atleast to me),

1: final's operation by reference:

final which do not mean an object cannot be changed, actually objects reference cannot be changed.

final StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("arun");
sb.replace(0, 2, "ab");                    // works !
sb = new StringBuffer("test");       //throws error: final can't be changed

final String s = new String("arun");
s.replace(0, 2, "ab");     // throws error
s = "test";                      // throws error
//do not work since String is immutable (same reference can't be modified)
Working things makes change on same reference, but others creates new reference which final can't allow.

This also means final != immutable

2 : Object lock of Synchronised methods on multiple threads

Synchronised method operates by establishing Object level Lock that calls the method.

3: ConcurrentModificationException

1) modification of an object while being iterated at other place
2) In certain violations, single thread can also cause the same issue

Github code on 2 & 3

Jul 1, 2012

"The Force" behind awesome creators

Recently had chance to watch Google I/O 2012 which is an annual Google developer conference, my inspired thoughts on them..

1. Improvements announced were simple , useful, unidirected towards their vision
  • Nexsus Q - Centralised Local Controller to House-hold Objects
  • Android Improvements - Platform Development kit to give more access to external hardware developers
  • Google plus events - Sharing event photos with ease
  • Project Glass - Capturing real world movements with 0 efforts
  • Chrome efforts - to improve the web

2. Stunning explaination on stage
  • Amazing confidence of presenters
  • Stage seems nothing more than an sharing platform for their hardwork
Quote from the stage - "We should have Healthy disrespect to the IMPOSSIBLE"

The Force & its effects:
  • Unvisible force driving them beyond towards a vision
  • The force seems to be making them fearless, do amazing hard work
  • Excitement to see the things reaching the users.

"The Force", Hope everyone of us gets it to make world better place :)