Jul 1, 2012

"The Force" behind awesome creators

Recently had chance to watch Google I/O 2012 which is an annual Google developer conference, my inspired thoughts on them..

1. Improvements announced were simple , useful, unidirected towards their vision
  • Nexsus Q - Centralised Local Controller to House-hold Objects
  • Android Improvements - Platform Development kit to give more access to external hardware developers
  • Google plus events - Sharing event photos with ease
  • Project Glass - Capturing real world movements with 0 efforts
  • Chrome efforts - to improve the web

2. Stunning explaination on stage
  • Amazing confidence of presenters
  • Stage seems nothing more than an sharing platform for their hardwork
Quote from the stage - "We should have Healthy disrespect to the IMPOSSIBLE"

The Force & its effects:
  • Unvisible force driving them beyond towards a vision
  • The force seems to be making them fearless, do amazing hard work
  • Excitement to see the things reaching the users.

"The Force", Hope everyone of us gets it to make world better place :)

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