Sep 11, 2012

You can Excel only on what comes to you naturally

Why so ?

Anything without the natural urge to do it would need a bit of concentration to do it well. So, your effort is wasted in concentrating which ultimately stops you from excelling on it.

Is going with natural behaviour enough to excel ? Obviously not. So what else ?

Excel need 1: Where you are applying your natural urge ?

Lets assume your natural behaviour is 'angriness', so how can this help any one ? Yes it can angrying for small/pitty things say fighting for TV remote at home or since someone don't satisfy your ego can do harm. Though, same angriness of Democratic rebellions has brought freedom to many countries

As David (Founder, FreakFactorSystem) says, when he was working at a company, his weakness was 'Not able to do teamwork'. He then looked for a role where teamwork is not much needed and became a Professor. Now the same weakness has turned to strength. So, weakness for sure has the sign of strength as well.

Excel need 2: How are you applying your natural urge ?  
  • Do it the best possible way
  • Do, only if you are able to do with complete and hard focus. If Done, be done.
  • Constantly push the limit and move out of comfort zone & make sure you give time to renew

If so, how to find what comes to one naturally ?

Experiecing different things and observing our response to that would be the key. Here's a good talk by Bret (Interface Expert, Apple) on this topic.

Gist of above video:

1. How one can choose their principle

"Make many things, make many types of things. Study many things, experience many many things. And use all these experiences as a way of analyzing myself. Taking all these experiences and saying 'Does this resonate with me?' "
2. Bret's principle - "Creators need an immediate connection with what they're creating" and examples of works he did about it.

3. Necessity of a principle to make bigger impact your work

Transcripts of above talk

Happy Living !

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Sep 10, 2012

Evernote Vs Catch

I have been experimenting with note taking applications for 6 months , this blog details pros and cons of couple of them.


Focus to create & edit Lengthy Note for long time

  • Managing large content is awesome due to formatting options
  • Deleted notes still remains in Evernote Thrash
  • Maintains history of a note ( pro users only )
  • Folder & Tag are there to help when you need it.
  • Flow of note creation or Editing requires a number of clicks (Can't be done through shortcuts)
  • Not so intutive interface ( as compared to Catch ) 

Focus on fast addition of Short notes (not Long notes) instantly

  • Add new note on the Go
  • Auto-Save on Editing
  • Cool & Simple Drop on Click interface
  • Creating new Note is like breeze
  • Unable to organise & Use long run data (absence of formatting options)
  • Attachment of files never used since I would use Dropbox
  • Sharing feature never used as Google Docs is much more effective

My Usage: I use Catch to add note on the go & Evernote to maintain long-time organised data.

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